Standards of Conduct

All employees are responsible for honesty and professional conduct in carrying out assigned duties and responsibilities. The Housing Authority has adopted the following Standards of Conduct so that employees will be aware of prohibited behavior such as:

Do not accept any money, gifts, services, loans, entertainment or anything else of value from applicant/landowners.

Do not request, coerce or threaten any person to do something for you as a condition for participating or remaining in an assisted housing program.

Conflict of Interest
Do not process an application for a relative or business partner without prior approval of the appropriate officials.

Do not encourage or coach applicants/tenants/homebuyers to ignore or violate rule or policy.

Do not falsely create, forge or alter any documents that are used to determine eligibility or level of benefits in an assisted housing program.

Do not submit or process any documents for nonexistent tenants/homebuyers or scheme with actual tenants/homebuyers to share any program benefits.

Do not give favored treatment to any person that is not permitted by laws or local policies.