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Staff 1-25 of 38
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Administrative Offices   KWHA Homepage   305-296-5621
Maintenance After Hours Line   KWHA Homepage   305-296-5623
Maintenance Regular Hours (M-F, 8am-5pm) Line   KWHA Homepage   305-294-9808
Rental Office - Garden View Apartments   KWHA Homepage   305-296-5232
Rental Office - Lang Milian, Fort Village, Robert Gabriel, and George Allen Apartments   KWHA Homepage   305-294-6266
Rental Office - Senior Citizen Plaza   KWHA Homepage   305-735-4917
Bastillada, Jbemay "JB" Administrative Assistant - Maintenance Department KWHA Homepage 305-294-9808
Batty, Peter Director of Community Relations Administration 305-296-5621
Bello, Misleidy Housing Assistant Landing Page 305-743-5765
Broadbent, Lee-Ann Community Development Administration 305-296-5621
Burger, Ken Project Manager KWHA Homepage 305-296-5621
Carbonell, Deana Finance Manager Landing Page 305-296-5621
Carey, Lissette Executive Assistant / Custodian of Public Records Administration 305-296-5621
Castillo, Claudia Housing Supervisor Housing 305-743-5765
Cater, Christina Administrative Assistant Administration 305-294-9808
Diaz, Cari Housing Manager Housing 305-296-5621
Exum, Aroura Housing Manager Landing Page 305-294-6266
Gallardo, Danny Director of Maintenance   305-294-9808
George, Grisel Housing Supervisor Administration 305-294-6266
Giannetto, Janessa Occupancy & Admissions (Applications) Supervisor Administration 305-296-5621
Hatamova, Sheyla Housing Assistant KWHA Homepage 305-294-6266
Herrington, Natalie Administrator of Poinciana Gardens Landing Page 305-440-3191
Jackson, Talia Occupancy & Admissions (Applications) Specialist Landing Page 305-296-5621
Jung, Misty Housing Supervisor Administration 305-735-4917
Martinez, Mary Human Resources and Risk Manager KWHA Homepage 305-296-5621
Staff 1-25 of 38